Sometimes you just need some existing items re-upholstered.  This is a wonderful way to repurpose that chair you found at an estate sale, or a piece that has special meaning, or a sofa that is just the right size for the room it lives in now.  I start my process by meeting you at your home to see the pieces, take photos, and measurements.  We talk about the room and what type of wear and tear the piece must withstand.  And I also get a feel for the look of the space.  Nook Interiors carries many fabric lines and has access to hundreds of thousands of fabrics to ensure that the fabric that is selected will not only complement the room but will perform and withstand use.  Nook will handle all the scheduling, pick-up, and delivery with the upholsterer when they are finished.  No heavy lifting!  I personally meet with my upholsterers on every job and we go over all the details for each piece.

Window Treatments - how it works

Whether you need custom fabric roman shades or just blinds. Nook offers a range of window treatment options.  Whatever can be dreamed up can become a reality! Window treatments not only improve the look of a room but also need to control light, insulate, and absorb sound.  Much like my upholstery and wallpaper services we would start with a meeting at your home to measure, look at the window(s), and the aesthetic of the room.  Based on the type(s) of window treatments and possibly fabrics to be used, I would make style and pattern recommendations.  We would meet one last time to look over window treatment samples to finalize the order.

Window Treatments - why you don’t want to order these online!

Having a local professional and designer help you with window treatments is a must.  Why? No.1, they are responsible for the measurements.  No.2 they are local and can be reached if there is a problem.  No. 3, you can see wood samples, fabrics samples, etc. in person!