Decorating Projects: The Process

We can help you solve your design puzzle.

Although redecorating a room is not as extensive as remodeling a kitchen it should be approached the same way.  Using correct measurements to specify sofas, rugs, window treatments and tables make all the difference in the end.  That oversized sofa might look great on the showroom floor but it may not fit your room. I will look at the room as a whole composition.  Each piece, however small, will play off of all the other pieces in the room.  Having a designer’s eye on every item chosen for a space is invaluable. 

Remodel Projects - the process

Most remodels are a design/space planning puzzle.

How can we maximize space & efficiency, combined with a unique aesthetic design?

This is what I try to solve with my remodel clients. It’s a fun process that I love. What I also bring to the table is a deep understanding of how a project runs and how to communicate with contractors and subcontractors to make sure they have all the information they need so the finished space is what you, the client, loves. Let Nook take over the daunting task of getting from point A (old, out dated kitchen) to point B (new, fabulous, amazing kitchen)!

Nook starts by meeting with clients and talking thru the project timeline, taking photos, and going over detailed questionnaires customized for the type of room. After we have a ‘wish list’ I will then develop preliminary floor plans and elevations with at least two different layout options.

We will meet and look at the preliminary drawings and discuss each option. Depending on client feedback I will then work on final floor plans, elevations, and lighting plans for the room. During this time we will also be looking at finish material options.

Again, I will present two different and complete ‘looks’ for the room. This could include the following: cabinets, cabinet hardware, molding details, countertops, flooring, tile, specialty wall applications (i.e. wallpaper, rock), decorative lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tubs/sinks/toilets(if needed), paint (color specification), furniture, textile, and window treatments. Based on client feedback a final finish materials palette will be chosen.

Nook also provides budgeting services which are presented with finish materials options. At this point in the project we are ready to meet with a contractor or subcontractors and present them with a comprehensive plan for the space so they can give an accurate and thorough bid on the job!